Art gallery

Here is some of Carter’s and my art!   Advertisements

Art: Manga!

So… I really don’t know anything about Manga or even what Manga is. But, nor does my art teacher so I’m not feeling that bad about it. My art teacher checked out some “how to draw manga” books from the library  and we got to look at those too. I drew someone whose name was…

Art: Printing Press Collagraph!

Hi guys! Earlier today I had a awesome art lesson where we used a printing press! We used the amazing collagraph technique.  I decided to make gift tags for Christmas presents.  Do you like how they came out? The pic above is only some of the prints that I made!


Every Thursday, I go to my mom’s friend Jamie’s house, and have an art lesson with some other kids. So far we have drawn a giraffe, barn swallow, dog, racoon, and a horse. The latest one is a horse and I decided to draw a shetland pony. I have loved horses since I was 5,…