Essay: The View From Saturday – The Souls


Hi! Today I wrote an essay about a book that we read for school recently called The View From Saturday by  E. L. Konigsburg. I specifically wrote it about a group of children. Here it is:

The View From Saturday-The Souls

In the story, The View From Saturday, there are four 6th grade children who make an unlikely friendship with each other. Their friendship transforms into an academic team (with the help of an awe-inspiring teacher) that goes on to beat every other team. Nadia named the group The Souls when they started hanging out.  A soul, according to the dictionary, is a person’s total self or immaterial essence. The Souls is the perfect name for the group because every time they were together they became their full selves.

 Individually, they each deal with their own struggles. Ethan struggles with having his “perfect” older brother, Lucas, who even though he is in college, Ethan still feels like he has to be as perfect as him. Nadia struggles with her parents divorce, and her dad not being there for her. During the summer before they became The Souls, Nadia felt like no one really cared about her. Julian struggles with being different. He is Indian, and wears khaki shorts and knee socks when everyone else is wearing jeans. He lived on a cruise ship for a very long time before moving to Epiphany, New York. Mrs. Olinski struggles with being in a wheelchair because of her accident. She is good at letting things go, like when Hamilton Knapp changed the blackboard from “paraplegic” to “cripple”.

When the group comes together, something special happens.  They started meeting for tea every Saturday because they enjoyed each other’s company.  At Sillington House, they were generous and respectful with each other.   Ethan surprised himself by being funny and outgoing in their company at tea.  The Souls even helped Mr. Singh peel wall paper and get the house ready to be a bed and breakfast.  During this timeThe Souls their strengths had an opportunity to shine.  Noah is quick thinking, and very generous. He even taught all of the other Souls calligraphy.  Mrs. Olinski can see the bad and good in people. When they had tea they got to be different people then they were in school.

The Souls fit their name perfectly. Each one of them have their special spot on the team.  Each of them has their struggles going through middle school, but but together they can support each other with their strengths.   When all of them combined, they become a super team not just because of their smarts but also because they all had a magical connection.



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  1. gramaria says:

    Sweetie, your essay was very good and I have interest in reading the book. Thank you for sharing.


    1. smachef says:

      Thanks! I will gladly lend it to you.


  2. Jeanna Britt says:

    Beautifully written Bree. It makes me want to go out and get the book. Incidentally, Kylee is working on putting together a summer reading list. Maybe you could send her some recommendations!


    1. smachef says:

      Sounds good! Check my “Amazon Store” section of this website to see my book recmendations.


  3. You are a amazing writer like your Dad, good job Sabrina


    1. smachef says:

      Thank you so much.


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