Language Essay – Hair Cut

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About 2 weeks ago I wrote a short essay about my dramatic haircut from I did last year. The assignment was to write a short essay on an event that changed your life. The essay is below.

Moving Beyond The Page  (Unit One – Lesson Ten) 

This was a dramatic change. Going from 4” below my shoulders to a short, lopsided, cut above my chin.

Before the haircut, it was hard to even think about cutting an inch off of my hair. It took so long to grow out! What would people think? Would it change my personality? I had to convince myself, rather than my parents, that I could do this. I was nervous. I was excited to see what it would look and feel like. I was curious,and nervous to see what people would think. I was nervous about doing such a dramatic cut at Great Clips!

Before going to Great Clips, my mom and I had been looking at pictures of different hairstyles. We looked on Pinterest, and even downloaded an app where you can see yourself in celebrity hairstyles. I found one I liked and put my own twist on it by making it lopsided. It was hard getting used to the idea that I was actually doing this.

We got to Great Clips, and this guy said, “I’m gonna wash your hair first.” After he washed my hair I went over and sat down on the stool. He then put the cape thing over me.  He was obviously new and inexperienced because he looked REALLY nervous.He cut for a while being supervised by a much more experienced lady. He messed up a little bit and she took over.

As soon as my mom and I walked out of the salon, I started to feel my hair. It was fluffy, soft, and smelled fruity because of the product she used. I could also smell the smell of burnt hair. My hair felt soft and fluffy: the hair cutter had blow dried it. I could hear my mom talking but couldn’t quite register what she was saying. I just kept nodding my head.

When I got home, my family and friends were shocked. They all liked it, which is something I was nervous about. I was glad I cut my hair before soccer and school started because they would never know that I used to have long hair. I started to doubt my choice though. Was this really the right way to go? Everyone says that they like it, but are the  just saying that to be nice?

I definitely don’t regret doing it now. I think that I am braver and more open to trying new things. I was really nervous, but in the end it turned out fine.

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Do you have an event that changed your life?





4 Comments Add yours

  1. I think you would look good know matter how your hair was cut, no need to worry


  2. gramaria says:

    Hi sweetie Grama enjoyed reading your story. You do a good job of writing it. I really enjoy your videos.

    Love you ❤️

    KnittyQuilter maria



    1. smachef says:

      Thank you so much! I love you too ❤


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