Blueberry Everything!

Hey guys, this weekend(look at the date this was published), my mom and I took a two day cooking class together! We took a “Blueberry Harvest”  from The Pantry.

The first day we went to a Bow Hill Blueberry farm. They are a U-pick, organic blueberry farm that sells heirloom blueberries. There were four different varieties that we could pick from. Stanley, Bluecrop, and  Jersey blueberries were three of the four types of blueberries that were available to pick on the day we were there. My mom and I picked 7 pounds of Stanley blueberries, which are the hardest to pick because they are really small.We picked the Stanleys  because they had the most complex blueberry taste.

The second day we went to The Pantry. There were 14 of us and we were split into groups of two and three. There was team jelly, salad, crostini, waffle, syrup, and ice pops. My mom and I were team blueberry jelly. Blueberry was literally in everything: the salad was a blueberry and raw corn salad, on top of the crostini was goat cheese and blueberry jam, there were dehydrated then rehydrated blueberries in the waffle, blueberries were cooked into maple syrup (the real kind of course), and there was blueberry buttermilk with tarragon ice pops.

Here are some pictures!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. gramaria says:

    Sweety, it all looks yummy.


    1. smachef says:

      I know! That is how I felt!


  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun


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